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Working with Sincro you will forget about…

Complex laws in constant change

Bureaucratic errors leading to additional costs

Hire professional and reliable staff to carry out these procedures

Wasting time in procedures that don’t add value to your business

We handle all your labor, payroll and HR issues for your company, in order you can save time and money.

Entrust all your accounting and administrative procedures to our experts.

We deal with the start-up and establishment of your business in Spain.

We are 100% committed to our clients.

Why choose us?

We speak your language, know your business needs and how we can help your company.

Prompt response

Quick solutions to your needs.


Because you will have time to manage all the areas of your company in Spain.


The peace of mind that your advisor will go one step further by offering you solutions.


Your advisor will be involved 100% in your project and will be available when needed.


What sets us apart from the competence is that we are passionate about the products and services we offer and the quality of our work


Maximum security for your data in our external servers.

Business experience

We design, evaluate and justify solutions based on a deep knowledge of the business benefit for your company


Our service philosophy is proactive, not reactive. With state-of- the-art network monitoring and management, we identify issues and address them before they become problems

Would you like to put a face to our team?

This is our team, responsible for managing your administrative procedures and ensuring your interests in Spain as if they were part of your company.

Department Heads

Carlos Ruiz

Managing Director – Lawyer

Marisa Herranz

Director of Accounting and Taxation

Luis Manias

Labour Responsible & Payroll Coordinator

Galo Carreira

Chief Information Officer (CIO)

Estela Martín

Corporate Communications Manager

Javier Pulido

Business Development Manager and Senior Payroll Specialist

Cristina Godín

Tax and Accounting Specialist

Legal Department

Mónica Estevez


Accounting & Tax Team

Javier Martínez

Tax and Accounting Specialist

Natalia Figaredo

Tax and Accounting Specialist

Estela Lara

Tax and Accounting Specialist

Labour Team Leaders

Patricia Martínez

Payroll Specialist and Implementations Consultant

Sergio Victoria

Payroll Specialist

Angel Cabezuela

Payroll Specialist

Jaime De La Virgen

Payroll Specialist

Labour Team

Alfredo Simón

Payroll Specialist

Lucía López

Payroll Specialist

Dimitar Gurkov

Payroll Specialist

María Martínez

Payroll Specialist

Lorena Centeno

Payroll Specialist

Victoria Reguilón

Payroll Specialist

Sara Allegue Rey

Payroll Specialist

Melody Molina

Payroll Specialist

Juan Luis Guisado García

Payroll Specialist

Francisco Tendero

Payroll Specialist

Andrea Familiar

Payroll Specialist

Francisco Mateos

Payroll Specialist

Kiran Khubchandani

Payroll Specialist

Cristina Varela

Payroll Specialist

Silvia Borisova

Payroll Specialist

Débora Alcalá

Payroll Specialist

Cristina López

Payroll Specialist

Paula Sanchez

Payroll Specialist

Sandra Tomé

Payroll Specialist

Maried Parada

Payroll Specialist

Alba Gómez

Payroll Specialist

Administrative Staff

Gemma Núñez


Aintza Sanjuan


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We collaborate with the multinational leader in payroll for more than a decade.

We are also a socially responsible company, which is committed to values such as equality, conciliation and fair treatment, endorsed with the certificate of a family responsible company (efr) and promoted by the Fundación Másfamilia.

Our clients

From freelancers to multinationals, at Sincro we attend to the labour, tax&accounting needs of wide portfolio of companies that operate in very different fields of activity.

Our portfolio of services includes labour & Human Resources topics, payroll, tax & accounting, start your business in Spain and our special service Money Movement.

Our wide range of services allows us to adapt to your needs and being your best partner in Spain.

People first, accountability, continuous search of improvement and their culture of service excellence has gone a long way in making work flow easily between us.

As person in charge of labor and HR matters, I would like to say that their professional support gives me the confidence to contact them for reliable and secure feed back.

I definitely recommend their services!.

Elena González – Business Manager de SYRACUSE UNIVERSITY IN MADRID

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