SincroGO has received several awards and recognitions for its work-life balance model, Smart Working, home office and flexibility

Awards achieved in the year 2020

In the year indisputably marked by Covid-19, SincroGO has obtained these three important awards

ARHOE 2020 Award

In the category of companies XV Prize to Rationalize Spanish Hours, awards that ARHOE delivers annually.


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Madrid Flexible Company Award 2020

The Madrid Flexible Company Awards (Premios Madrid Empresa Flexible, in Spanish) are an initiative of the General Directorate of Equality of the Community of Madrid, organized by CVA and with the sponsorship of the European Social Fund, GSK, Psicosoft and Defta Spain.

Each year they recognize the companies that have an efficient and profitable management model that, in addition, promotes the work-life balance.

Madrid Flexible Company Madrid Flexible Company Award

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Alares 2020 Award (Category of Executives)

Fundación Alares organizes the Alares National Awards. In 2020, the Fourteenth edition has taken place.

The prizes are awarded in matters of work-life balance, to the promotion of Co-responsibility and Social Responsibility. Carlos Mª Ruiz, CEO and founder of SincroGO, winner in the “Executives” category at the 2020 Alares Awards.

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Awards achieved in the year 2019

CSR Awards of the Community of Madrid

In February 2019, the Community of Madrid awarded its I Recognitions and Mentions to Commitment to Employment, where SincroGO obtained the mention “Promotion of Social Responsibility”.

CSR Awards of the Community of Madrid CSR Awards of the Community of Madrid

The Communication of Value Awards

In May 2019, at the IV CSR Conference “The communication of value” in SincroGO we received the special second prize for our project “SomosSincro”.

Award granted by the International Institute of Shared Value (IIVC).

The International Institute of Shared Value – IIVC announces this award with the aim of recognizing the unique initiatives and successful experiences developed by Spanish SMEs in the field of Social Responsibility.

The award especially values ​​the uniqueness and innovation of the projects, the results regarding investment and the medium-term possibilities that these projects pose.

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