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Estela Martín
Linkedin TopVoices España 2020. DirCom & RSC en SincroGO Licenciada en Periodismo por la UCM y en Derecho por la UNED, cuenta más de 15 años de experiencia en el ámbito laboral y de dirección estratégica de personas. Miembro de ACIJUR y nombrada una de las 15 Linkedin Top Voices España 2020. Con más de 15 años de experiencia en el ámbito laboral y de RRHH (tanto en publicaciones especializadas como en servicios de consultoría y asesoría laboral), Estela es ponente habitual en distintos foros, ha colaborado con distintos medios de comunicación y es una de las 15 Linkedin Top Voices España, donde analiza la actualidad en materia de gestión de personas desde la doble óptica laboral (normativa & jurisprudencia) y de dirección estratégica de personas. Como DirCom de SincroGO, la compañía ha ganado tres de los premios más destacados en materia de smartworking & conciliación: Premio Alares 2020 (categoría de Directivos, otorgado al CEO de SincroGO), Premio Madrid Empresa Flexible 2020 y Premio ARHOE 2020 (categoría de empresas).
16 Dec

Digital Markets Act: Parliament ready to start negotiations with Council

Parliament gave its green light to begin negotiations with member states on rules setting out what big online platforms will be allowed to do and not do in the EU. The Digital Markets Act (DMA) proposal blacklists certain practices used by large platforms acting as “gatekeepers” and enables the Commission to carry out market investigations and sanction […]

10 Dec

European Council concludes Croatia has fulfilled the necessary conditions for the full application of the Schengen acquis

The European Council has concluded that Croatia has fulfilled the necessary conditions for the application of all parts of the Schengen acquis. This verification that the necessary conditions for the application of all parts of the Schengen acquis have been met by Croatia is a precondition for the Council to be able to take a […]

09 Dec

EPSCO Council in Brussels: Spain leads Europe in advancing the minimum wage directive

The Second Vice-President of the Government of Spain and Minister for Work and Social Economy, Yolanda Díaz, has defended the directive on adequate minimum wages in the EU, which has received broad support from the majority of the 27 Member States, at the European Union’s Employment, Social Policy, Health and Consumer Affairs Council (EPSCO). The […]

02 Dec
spain travel omicron

The Spanish health authority implements the system for managing health checks on entry into Spain to control the omicron variant

The Spanish Ministry of Health has implemented the ‘Spain Travel Health’ (SpTH) system features for managing health controls on entry into Spain, incorporating the control measures approved by the Government against the omicron variant of COVID-19. As explained by the Secretary General for Digital Health, Information and Innovation of the Ministry of Health, Juan Fernando […]

30 Nov

R&D expenditure in the EU at 2.3% of GDP in 2020 (Eurostat)

In 2020, the Member States of the EU spent around €311 billion on research & development (R&D). This is a decrease of €1 billion compared with 2019 (€312 billion). The R&D intensity, i.e. R&D expenditure as a percentage of GDP, stood at 2.3% in 2020, compared with 2.2% in 2019. However, this small increase is […]

26 Nov
minimum wages

New rules for fair minimum wages in the European Union (EU)

Towards a minimum wages in the European Union. A new draft EU law will ensure a minimum level of wage protection in all member states, in order to guarantee decent living standards for workers and their families. In a vote on Thursday 25 November 2021, MEPs on the Employment and Social Affairs Committee backed laying […]

25 Nov
minimum wages

Regulating ‘big tech’: European Council agrees on enhancing competition in the digital sphere

The European Council agreed its position (‘general approach’) on the proposal for a Digital Markets Act (DMA). The proposal aims to ensure a competitive and fair digital sector with a view to promoting innovation, high-quality digital products and services, fair prices, and high quality and choice in the digital sector. Online platforms offering core platform services – […]

24 Nov
post covid19

Post-Covid19: The European Council adopted conclusions on resilience and crisis response

Post-Covid19: The European Council adopted (on 23 November 2021) conclusions on enhancing preparedness, response capability and resilience to future crises. The conclusions, prepared by the Slovenian presidency, set out a series of measures designed to improve resilience, preparedness and response. They stress that the creation of the Integrated Political Crisis Response (IPCR) arrangements in 2013, […]

23 Nov
digitalisation in european union

Digital Market Acts: New obligations and prohibitions directly applicable to big platforms acting as “gatekeepers”

The draft law blacklists certain practices of large platforms and enables the Commission to carry out market investigations and sanction non-compliant behaviours. The Internal Market and Consumer Protection Committee adopted this morning by 42 votes in favour, two against and one abstention its position on the Digital Markets Act (DMA) proposal, which sets rules on […]

19 Nov

Annual inflation up to 4,1% in the euro area (Eurostat)

The euro area annual inflation rate was 4.1% in October 2021, up from 3.4% in September. A year earlier, the rate was -0.3%. European Union annual inflation was 4.4% in October 2021, up from 3.6% in September. A year earlier, the rate was 0.3%. These figures are published by Eurostat, the statistical office of the […]


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