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Estela Martín
Linkedin TopVoices España 2020. DirCom & RSC en SincroGO Licenciada en Periodismo por la UCM y en Derecho por la UNED, cuenta más de 15 años de experiencia en el ámbito laboral y de dirección estratégica de personas. Miembro de ACIJUR y nombrada una de las 15 Linkedin Top Voices España 2020. Con más de 15 años de experiencia en el ámbito laboral y de RRHH (tanto en publicaciones especializadas como en servicios de consultoría y asesoría laboral), Estela es ponente habitual en distintos foros, ha colaborado con distintos medios de comunicación y es una de las 15 Linkedin Top Voices España, donde analiza la actualidad en materia de gestión de personas desde la doble óptica laboral (normativa & jurisprudencia) y de dirección estratégica de personas. Como DirCom de SincroGO, la compañía ha ganado tres de los premios más destacados en materia de smartworking & conciliación: Premio Alares 2020 (categoría de Directivos, otorgado al CEO de SincroGO), Premio Madrid Empresa Flexible 2020 y Premio ARHOE 2020 (categoría de empresas).
11 Apr

Posting of workers: European Council confirms the compromise text agreed with the European Parliament

Today, 11 April 2018, EU ambassadors approved the compromise text negotiated with the European Parliament on the revision of the posting of workers directive. The final adoption of the directive will come at a later stage, once the legislation has been voted in the Parliament. With today’s agreement, the EU delivers on the important principle […]

10 Apr

Social Security System in Spain: employer obligations

Employers who are employing people in Spain for the first time who are included in the scope of the Social Security System must request their inscription in Social Security from the Social Security Treasury General, through its Provincial Directorates or corresponding Administration offices. If you have a digital certificate you can submit your application though […]

09 Apr

INE presents “The Iberian Peninsula in Figures 2017”, with the main indicators of this area

Statistics Spain (INE) and Statistics Portugal have just presented a new edition of “The Iberian Peninsula in Figures” as an expression of a collaboration started fifteen years ago. This publication gathers the main indicators that portray the two countries which make the largest geographical area in the European Union: the Iberian Peninsula. According to these […]

09 Apr

Application in Spain of the new Financial Benchmarks Regulation (CNMV)

CNMV (the competent authority assigned the tasks established in the Regulation, with certain competences relating to the supervision of specific financial loan contracts also being delegated to Banco de España) has been designated as the competent authority to apply the new1 financial benchmarks regulation used as a reference in financial instruments and contracts and to […]

06 Apr

The ‘ne bis in idem’ principle may be limited for the purpose of protecting the financial interests of the EU and the financial markets thereof

The Court of Justice of the European Union considers that the ne bis in idem principle may be limited for the purpose of protecting the financial interests of the EU and the financial markets thereof. However, such a limitation must not exceed what is strictly necessary to achieve those objectives (Judgment of March, 20, 2018). […]

06 Apr

New record high for Spanish exports in 2017

According to a press release of Marca España, once again, Spain has hit a new record high in exports. In 2017, they increased by 8%, totalling 282,300 million euro, in a dynamic global environment. The figures, disclosed by the Spanish Ministry of Economy, Industry and Competitiveness, show a seven-year rise, placing our country among those […]

05 Apr

Startup Olé 2018 will host in Salamanca on the 17-19th April

Startup Olé is a major entrepreneurial event that, supported by the European Commission-Startup Europe, connects startups-spinoffs and tech-digital talent with corporates, investors, accelerators, universities, public administrations and media outlets. 2018 edition will gather over 7.000 attendees, 500 startups, 60 accelerators, 50 big corporates, 350 speakers, 40 public administrations and 70 investors with an investment portfolio […]

04 Apr

Spain: from recovery to resilience (Conference of Governor of the Banco de España about Spanish economy and labour market)

The Governor of Banco de España, Luis M. Linde, participated yesterday, April, 3, in a conference organised by the International Monetary Fund, devoted to the recent evolution of the Spanish economy in the Euro-Zone and European Union context. With the title of “Spain: From Recovery to Resilience”, these are some of the key statements said […]

03 Apr

2017 Income Tax begins: Cases of online phishing detected by the Spanish Tax Agency

As the beginning of the 2017 Income Tax filing campaign draws near, the Tax Agency (Agencia Tributaria, in Spanish) detected several cases of attempted fraud involving the sending of emails or SMS messages containing malicious links claiming to offer tax refunds. These links are usually to fraudulent websites posing as the Tax Agency and requesting […]

03 Apr

How to register in Social Security Treasury General Office

Registration is an administrative act by which the Social Security Treasury General Office (Tesorería General de la Seguridad Social in Spanish) gives an identification and control number to the employer to be used for the employer’s corresponding Scheme in the Social Security System. This number is considered the primary and main Contribution Account Code. The […]


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