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12 Nov
arhoe awards

SincroGO wins the ARHOE 2020 Award, the third award the company has won this year

We have won again! SincroGo has won the XV Prize to Rationalize Spanish Hours, awards that ARHOE delivers annually. SincroGo makes history by winning three very important conciliation (work-life balance) awards in the same year: • Alares 2020 Award (executives category), given to Carlos Mª Ruiz, CEO of SincroGO • Madrid Flexible Company Award 2020 […]

28 Sep
telework Spanish RD Law 28/2020

Telework: the 10 key points of Spanish RD-Law 28/2020 on remote work

Teleworking: we explain the 10 main keys of RD-Law 28/2020 on remote work, published (September 23) in the BOE (Official state bulletin) and that will come into force on 13 October (except for some provisions). First thing: who does it apply for? The RD-Law only applies to work relationships that are developed remotely on a […]

24 Sep
Premios Madrid Empresa Flexible 2020

SincroGO wins the “Madrid Empresa Flexible 2020” Award

Sincro Business Solutions (SincroGO) has won the Madrid Flexible Company 2020 Award in the small business category (in Spanish Premios Madrid Empresa Flexible 2020). Tomorroy Friday, September 25, the award ceremony of these prestigious awards will be held. Indra, Innocv Solutions and Sincro Business Solutions have been the winning companies of the Madrid Flexible Company […]

17 Sep
distance working in Spain Law

Spain´s draft law on distance working: the 10 keys of the last draft agreed on September 1

Spain´s draft law on distance working: the 10 keys of the last draft agreed on September 1 We are going to explain the HomeOffice Law (Distance Working Law). We have analyzed the top 10 keys from the latest draft (September 1, 2020). The text (although it could still undergo any last-minute changes) must be approved […]

15 Sep
invest in Spain

Invest in Spain: Macroeconomic information of Spain and the most relevant sectors

Invest in Spain: ICEX has just released the last report about “Macroeconomic information of Spain and the most relevant sectors of the country” (September 2020 edition). Key figures Spain is the world’s 13th-largest economy and the 4th-largest economy in the EU: GDP worth 1.4 trillion USD Spain is the 11th-largest exporter of commercial services worldwide […]

22 Jul
covid fund economy

REACT-EU: European Council agrees on its partial negotiating position (Covid-19)

The EU is providing additional funding and flexibility in the use of the structural funds to help member states’ recovery efforts following the COVID-19 outbreak. EU ambassadors, meeting within the Committee of Permanent Representatives, today endorsed the Council’s partial position on REACT-EU, the EU initiative with the biggest impact in the short to medium term, […]

13 Jul
EU recovery post Covid

EU recovery after Covid-19 and long-term budget: Leaders must do better

European Union (EU) recovery after Covid-19. Commenting on the draft conclusions for the 17 July EU summit, EP’s negotiators disagree with additional cuts to the long-term EU budget and urge the European Council to improve the text. Key facts President Michel’s recovery proposals come at the cost of some key priorities EU’s long-term objectives should […]

01 Jun
Covid-19 AEPD Spain employers

Covid-19: Can employers process information about whether workers are infected with the coronavirus? (Spain)

Covid-19: In the context of the emergency health program implemented to face the spread of the COVID 19 coronavirus, the Spanish Data Protection Agency, is receiving queries on the processing of personal data related to health. One of the FAQs is this one: Can employers process information about whether workers are infected with the coronavirus? […]

25 May
coronavirus WorldBank

World Bank Group: 100 Countries get support in response to COVID-19

The World Bank Group has just announced its emergency operations to fight COVID-19 (coronavirus) have reached 100 developing countries – home to 70% of the world’s population. Since March, the Bank Group has rapidly delivered record levels of support in order to help countries protect the poor and vulnerable, reinforce health systems, maintain the private […]

16 Apr
sustainable finanze

Sustainable finance: European Council adopts a unified EU classification system

The EU is putting in place a common classification system to encourage private investment in sustainable growth and contribute to a climate neutral economy. The Council yesterday (15 April) adopted a regulation setting out an EU-wide classification system, or “taxonomy”, which will provide businesses and investors with a common language to identify those economic activities […]


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