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29 Jun
Spain algorithm labour companies

Spanish Guide to corporate obligations on the use of algorithmic information in the workplace

Spain Algorithmic information in the workplace: Guide to corporate obligations on the use of algorithmic information in the workplace and instrument for practical application published by Spanish Ministry of Labour and Social Economy. The aim of this guide is to present in a single document the obligations and rights pertaining to algorithmic information in the Spanish legal-labour […]

20 Jun

Habitual residence special tax regime applicable to posted workers to Spanish territory

One of the most frequent doubts that exist regarding the special regime for posted workers is whether or not they can benefit from the exemption for habitual residence (one of the questions that arose after the entry into force of what is known as the “Beckham Law”). Those taxpayers who have opted for the Special […]

13 Jun
economy GDP employment

GDP up by 0.6% and employment up by 0.6% in the euro area (Eurostat figures)

GDP main aggregates and employment estimates for the first quarter of 2022. GDP up by 0.6% and employment up by  0.6% in the euro area. In the EU, GDP up by 0.7% and employment up by 0.5% GDP growth in the euro area and the EU In the first quarter of 2022, seasonally adjusted GDP […]

21 Apr
Digital Markets Act

Employment in Spain: Social Security adds 6,788 new foreign affiliates in March 2022

Social Security registered 2,342,004 foreign affiliates in March after discounting seasonality and the calendar effect. This is 6,788 (0.29%) more employed people than the previous month and 152,583 more than in February 2020, before the impact of the pandemic. This is the tenth consecutive month of employment growth of this group which, in the first […]

24 Mar
covid19 spain march 2022

Spain launches a new strategy against Covid19 (since 28 March 2022)

The Public Health Commission (PHC) has approved the update of the COVID-19 Surveillance and Control Strategy following the acute phase of the pandemic. The new strategy responds to the commitment made by the National Health System in the Zaragoza Declaration signed by the Minister for Health and the Spanish health ministers. It will begin from […]

11 Mar
teleworking from Spain permanent establishment

Teleworking from Spain for abroad due to Covid19: has a permanent establishment (PE) been created for the company?

Workers “trapped” in Spain because of Covid and teleworking from Spain for abroad: is it understood that a permanent establishment has been created in Spain? The Directorate General for Taxation has ruled on this question (in a case involving a UK company) in a very recent Binding Ruling by Spanish Directorate General for Taxation (Dirección General de Tributos, the “DGT”)  […]

02 Mar
paro y contratos junio 2022

European Commission presents fiscal policy guidance for 2023

The European Commission has today (2 March 2022 adopted a Communication providing Member States with guidance on the conduct of fiscal policy in 2023. It sets out the key principles that will guide the Commission’s assessment of Member States’ stability and convergence programmes. It also provides an overview of the state of play on the […]

02 Feb
covid 19 travel to spain 2022

Travels to Spain: The Ministry of Health adapts the validity of antigen tests as a requirement for entry into Spain to European regulations

The Official State Gazette (BOE) publishes the amendment to the Resolution of 4 June 2021 of the Directorate General of Public Health, which adapts the validity of negative results obtained from antigen tests as a requirement for entry into Spain to the new European regulations. Travels to Spain and Covid19 As 1 February 2022, and […]

27 Jan
eu generation

Spanish tax residents: Form 720 is contrary to EU law

National legislation requiring Spanish tax residents to declare their overseas assets or rights (Form 720) is contrary to EU law (Court of Justice of the European Union 27 January 2022). The restrictions on the free movement of capital imposed by that legislation are disproportionate. 3 Keys about Spanish Form 720 In the first place, the […]

03 Jan
eu generation

New Spanish labour market reform (Royal Decree-Law 32/2021)

The Spanish Official State Gazette (BOE in Spanish) of past December 30, 2021 published Royal Decree-Law 32/2021, 28 December, on urgent measures for labor reform. It supposes a new labour market reform (it modifies the the Workers’ Statute (Estatuto de los Trabajadores in Spanish) and another laws. According to the Spanish Government the reform pretends […]


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