19 Jul
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Guide to incentives grants and state aid in Spain (2019)

The Directorate for Funding and Investors Relations of ICEX-Invest in Spain has just released the Guide to incentives grants and state aid en Spain (2019).

This guide is intended to be a tool to locate the different lines of incentives and funding (the main national and some European) to stimulate investment and development in Spain. The aim is to facilitate investors the comparison of different programmes and tools, and lead them to the suitable organization to apply for more information.

What includes the Guide
The Guide contains a list of the main national (and some European) financial incentives, in individual files. This documentation has been prepared in order to provide a brief description and comparison of different programmes and tools that serve to stimulate investment and business development in Spain.

For this purpose, an effort has been made to unify and classify information based on the definition of common data fields. This makes them easy to find and understand.

In each case, you can consult the following statements:

What is funded/promoted?

Who can apply for it?
Company type
Geographical position
Access requirements

How much and how is it funded/promoted?
Incentive type
Product characteristics

By: Estela Martín

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