12 Nov
arhoe awards

SincroGO wins the ARHOE 2020 Award, the third award the company has won this year

We have won again! SincroGo has won the XV Prize to Rationalize Spanish Hours, awards that ARHOE delivers annually.

SincroGo makes history by winning three very important conciliation (work-life balance) awards in the same year:

• Alares 2020 Award (executives category), given to Carlos Mª Ruiz, CEO of SincroGO

• Madrid Flexible Company Award 2020

• And now the ARHOE award

Together with SincroGO (companies category), the ATA-Asociación de Trabajadores Autónomos and the program “It’s not just any day” (No es un día cualquiera) (RNE).

The winners correspond to the three categories in which the Prize for Rationalizing Spanish Hours is divided: entity or institution, company, and communication medium.

Runners-up have also been awarded for each of the categories, except for the media that has been deserted. The winners have been AEDIPE and Software del Sol.

Also the General Councils of Official Colleges of Doctors, Nursing and Pharmacists will receive special awards for the intense work carried out in these months of Covid-19.

Awards ceremony: Next november 19

The ceremony can be followed live on ARHOE’s YouTube channel on November 19.

The awards ceremony is part of the XV National Congress to Rationalize Spanish Hours (16-19 November).

SincroGO is extremely proud to have obtained this important award. And also, a great responsibility to continue working on the path of conciliation.

We are firmly convinced that companies that are committed to smart working, conciliation and flexibility from the perspective of win-win (the company wins; the employees win) will be the best positioned for the future.

By: Estela Martín

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