24 Sep
Premios Madrid Empresa Flexible 2020

SincroGO wins the “Madrid Empresa Flexible 2020” Award

Sincro Business Solutions (SincroGO) has won the Madrid Flexible Company 2020 Award in the small business category (in Spanish Premios Madrid Empresa Flexible 2020).

Tomorroy Friday, September 25, the award ceremony of these prestigious awards will be held.

Indra, Innocv Solutions and Sincro Business Solutions have been the winning companies of the Madrid Flexible Company Awards 2020 (for large, medium and small company categories, respectively).

In addition, the jury has awarded honorable mentions to Cepsa, in the Large Company category, Avon Cosmetics and SmartClip Hispania in Medium-sized company and Madridiario and Más Vida Red, in Small Company.

Awards promoted by the General Directorate of Equality

The Madrid Flexible Company Awards are an initiative of the General Directorate of Equality of the Community of Madrid, organized by CVA and with the sponsorship of the European Social Fund, GSK, Psicosoft and Defta Spain.

Excellence companies in work-life ballance

Each year, this Awards recognise the companies that have an efficient and profitable management model that, in addition, promotes the balance of the professional, personal and family life of the employees.

Companies present their candidacy by responding to a survey on their measures of time and space flexibility, teleworking policies, financial aid for dependents, maternity and paternity, etc. and organizational culture.

In addition to that, finalist companies must participate in a personal interview and conduct an anonymous survey among a sample of employees to verify that the workforce is aware of and enjoys the flexibility measures.

As they have highlighted from the organization of the awards, the flexible organization model has proven to be of great help during the COVID crisis.

And this is so because it has made it possible for companies that already worked on flexibility to better adapt to the reality we are experiencing, by managing to maintain their activity during confinement with 100% of their workforce teleworking.

By: Estela Martín

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