22 Jul

The Banco de España launches its data laboratory (BELab)

The Banco de España has launched a data laboratory (BELab) to provide access to the research community to high-quality microdata compiled by the institution.

BELab will be making microdata on non-financial corporations reporting to the Central Balance Sheet Data Office available to researchers.

The dissemination of these data is part of the agreement entered into on 11 July this year between the Banco de España and the Spanish Mercantile and Property Registrars’ Association, which authorises the controlled or confidential use of this information.

Member of the INEXDA network
Like other laboratories of Eurosystem institutions, BELab is a member of the INEXDA network and applies protocols for secure access to sensitive data.

Initially, data use will obligatorily be on the premises of the Banco de España (at calle Alcalá, 522), where a safe environment (an on-site laboratory or data room) is located.

The microdata, which are the building blocks of statistical information, are a valuable source of information about the behaviour of economic agents. Their use by researchers may provide for a better and deeper understanding of reality.

More detailed information on this project and the means of access to the laboratory can be viewed clicking here.

By: Estela Martín

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