12 May

Working hours in Spain: Today, 12 May, the daily register of working hours enters into force in Spain

Working hours in Spain. Today, May 12, the daily register of working hours of all employees will enter into force in Spain

Key points
As specified in Spanish Royal Decree-Law 8/2019 (Article 10), article 34 of the Workers’ Statute (Estatuto de los Trabajadores in Spanish) is amended, adding a new section 9, with the following rewording:

1. The company will guarantee the daily register of working hours of all employees. This register must include the specific record daily in & out times of each worker.

2. Through collective bargaining (or, failing this, trough a decision of the employer, after consulting with the legal representatives of the workers in the company), this daily register will be organized and documented.

3. The company will keep the registers referred to this provision for four years and this register will remain available to the workers, their legal representatives and the Labour and Social Security Inspectorate.

¡Warning¡: The lack of the register will be considered as a serious infraction (a fine of 626 to 6.250 Euros), according to the new regulation.

4. The way of register. Except as provided in collective agreement or in an agreement with the legal representatives of the workers, your company can choose the way of carrying out the register (for instance, the workers can sign manually, each day, or your company can choose do the register through an app, through the intranet, through the corporate mobile phone, with a clock-in and out system…

By: Estela Martín

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