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COVID restrictions boosted ICT use in enterprises (Eurostat figures)

Restrictions in mobility caused by the COVID-19 pandemic forced many enterprises to increase or even shift towards digital technologies to maintain their activities. This emphasised the potential digital technologies have for improving the economic resilience of businesses.

In 2020, 33% of EU enterprises increased the share of employees with remote access to the company’s e-mail system; and the same percentage (33%) increased the proportion of staff with remote access to other ICT systems.

Among the EU Member States with available data (voluntary collection in which 19 Member States participated), Malta registered the highest shares of enterprises that increased the percentage of staff having remote access to the enterprise’s e-mail system (55%) or ICT systems other than e-mail (58%), followed by the Netherlands (42% for both), Germany (42% and 39%, respectively) and Belgium (40% and 43%, respectively). In contrast, the lowest share of enterprises that increased remote access to their e-mail (12%) or other ICT systems (12%) was registered in Lithuania

In terms of remote meetings held online, half of EU enterprises reported having increased their number in 2020.

The percentage of enterprises that increased the number of meetings online was highest in Finland (79%), Malta (76%) and Sweden (71%), while the lowest shares were registered in Bulgaria (23%), Poland (29%) and Latvia (33%).


Enterprises which increased the number of remote meetings, 2020 (% of enterprises)

Source dataset: isoc_e_cvd

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