08 Oct
European Council 10 October 2019

Economic and Financial Affairs European Council (10 October 2019)

On 10 October will take place Economic and Financial Affairs European Council. This is the main Agenda:

Anti-money laundering
The Council will discuss the progress achieved in the implementation of the anti-money laundering (AML) action plan adopted in December 2018.

It will also consider the future strategic priorities in the area. In this context, the Commission will present its package of reports on AML published in July 2019.

Ministers will also discuss the main elements of the methodology to establish a list of AML-related “high risk third countries”.

European financial architecture for development
The Chair of the Wise Persons’ Group on the European financial architecture for development will present its report on how to maximise added value. It will take into account existing national and international bodies involved.

Another topics

The Council will also:

-Prepare upcoming international meetings, in Washington on 17-19 October – G20, IMF and coalition of finance ministers for climate action
-Take stock of the 2019 European Semester exercise
-Adopt a Council recommendation on the appointment of a member of the ECB executive board
-Receive a presentation by the European Court of Auditors of its annual report on the implementation of the EU budget for 2018


By: Estela Martín

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