02 Oct
European Council conclusions October Covid-19

European Council Conclusions on COVID-19 (1-2 October)

On 1 and 2 October 2020, the European Council adopted conclusions on COVID-19, the Single Market, industrial policy, digital and on external relations.

Single Market and industrial policy
The European Council calls more specifically for (among another measures):

• strictly implementing and enforcing the Single Market rules, in line with the Commissionʼs Single Market Enforcement Action Plan;
• removing remaining unjustified barriers, particularly in the area of services, and refraining from creating new ones;
• updating the European competition framework to ensure that it meets the challenges of the green transition, the digital transformation, and the evolving global context.

This framework must provide clear rules for economic operators and support innovation, including in the digital sector.

The possibility of adopting rules on the systemic role and responsibilities of online platforms with significant network effects should be explored.

The European Council looks forward to the outcome of the Commissionʼs ongoing review of competition rules, the first results of which are scheduled for 2021.

The effects of globalisation and the emergence of the digital economy have to be taken into account in this context.

The COVID-19 pandemic has further underlined the need to accelerate the digital transition in Europe.

Seizing the opportunities of this transition is crucial to strengthening our economic base, ensuring our technological sovereignty, reinforcing our global competitiveness, facilitating the green transition, creating jobs and improving the lives of citizens.

Building a truly digital Single Market will provide a home-based framework allowing European companies to grow and scale up.

Click here to access the full conclusions.

By: Estela Martín

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