09 Jul
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Extra-EU Exports support 37 million jobs in the EU (Eurostat)

The number of persons employed in the EU or in individual EU Member States that are supported by exports includes not only employment in enterprises that are directly exporting, but also in other enterprises which provide goods or services that support the production of exported goods and services (Eurostat figures)

Key figures

In 2019, the employment of 37 million people was supported by exports to non-member countries.

In relative terms, this export-supported employment represented 17.9 % of total employment (209 million), equivalent to just over one in six persons employed across the EU.

As a share of total employment, the employment in each of the EU Member States that was supported by exports to non-member countries ranged from around one in eight persons employed in Greece (12.2 %) and Portugal (12.5 %) to nearly three out of every ten in Luxembourg (29.1 %) and Ireland (29.4 %).

By: Estela Martín

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