21 Feb
ESR Awards of the Community of Madrid

I ESR Awards of the Community of Madrid: Sincro Business Solutions obtains acknowledgement for the promotion of social responsibility

Yesterday, February 20, the Autonomous Community of Madrid (CAM, in Spanish) awarded its I Acknowledgments and Mentions to the Commitment to Employment (Enterprise Social Responsibility, ESR), where Sincro Business Solutions has obtained the mention “Promotion of social responsibility”.

Under the motto #SomosSincro (#WeareSincro), this award is a recognition of the work we do as a company and to the excellent work performed by the entire team of professionals that are part of Sincro.

The awards ceremony, held at the Real Casa de Correos in Madrid (City´s town hall), was chaired by the President of the Community of Madrid, Ángel Garrido, and by the Councilor for Economy, Employment and Finance of the Community of Madrid, Engracia Hidalgo.

Why these awards?

Awards of the Community of Madrid Social ResponsibilityAs Garrido highlighted in his speech, these awards celebrate its first edition, although it will not be the only one, and they are a way of recognizing, distinguishing, giving visibility and giving value to those companies that stand out for their policies and practices of Social Responsibility, for their Human Resources policies and for facilitating and promoting measures and work-life balance and family-friendly policies, flexibility, integration of employees of vulnerable groups…

Together with the Recognitions and Mentions to the Social Responsibility in the Employment, the recognitions and mentions in matter of prevention of labor risks (PRL, in Spanish) have also been granted.


These are some of the reasons for which Sincro has obtained this award:

– Because in our Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) policy, our main stakeholder is our employees: we apply the “People First” principle.

– For our corporate values, defined, not by the management, but by the employees themselves, and that are the following:

+ People first. We respect the dignity of people,service caring for human relationships. Equality and diversity are our hallmarks.

+ Accountability. We work with responsibility, integrity and transparency.

+ Service culture. We assume the needs of our clients to be part of their team.

+ Search We explore new ways to promote the development of people and organizations.

+ Consistency. We live and work in accordance with our values.

– For our Work Life Balance Policy, with measures for all employees, endorsed with the achievement of the certificate efr (family-responsible company, efr), granted in Spain by the Másfamilia Foundation.

-Because we try to work with socially responsible suppliers and with whom we share corporate values.

– Because we are supportive: every year, a part of the profits obtained by the company goes to different entities, NGOs, foundations (for instance, NGO Miradas al Mundo, Banco de Alimentos de Madrid, Rais Foundation…).

By: Estela Martín

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