13 Feb
European union

NACE classification of economic activities Rev. 2.1 classification is now official

The NACE classification of economic activities in the European Community is used for a wide variety of European statistics in the economic, social, environmental, and agricultural domains.

Since the last version of NACE Rev. 2 was published in 2006, the EU economy has evolved tremendously, leading to a need to update this classification. For the past few years, Eurostat has worked with its partners in the European Statistical System on this update, which has now entered into force.

This new version (NACE Rev. 2.1) can be accessed in the Official Journal and as Linked Open Data.

NACE Rev. 2.1 entails several changes, including a number of new positions to reflect emerging forms of economic activity. At the same time, efforts have been made to maintain the structure of the classification in areas where change is unnecessary.


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