01 Feb
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New rules on the EU digital COVID certificate enter into force (1 February 2022)

New rules on the EU digital Covid certificate enter into force today, 1 February 2022.

On 21 December 2021, the European Commission adopted rules relating to the EU digital COVID certificate establishing a validity of 9 months or 270 days once 14 days have passed after the completion of the primary vaccination cycle.

In addition, the rules for the encoding of vaccination certificates will be adapted to take into account booster shots. Boosters will be recorded as follows:

3/3 for a booster dose following a primary 2-dose vaccination series
2/1 for a booster dose following a single-dose vaccination or a one dose of a 2-dose vaccine administered to a recovered person

The new rules will apply as of 1 February 2022.

How to obtain an EU digital Covid certificate

There are three ways to obtain an EU digital COVID certificate:

  • vaccination
    recovered from a SARS-CoV-2 infection
    tested negative for COVID-19

Note: Tests recognised under the certificate include Nucleic Acid Amplification Test (NAAT) tests, such as RT-PCR tests and rapid antigen tests (RAT). Travellers should always check the applicable rules, i.e. which test is accepted to waive free movement restrictions, at the points of transit and destination. Antibody testing is not recognised, though this may change after the system is launched.

EU citizens who were vaccinated in a non-EU country can request the EU digital COVID certificate from the member state of their nationality or residence. For further information, please address your member state of nationality or residence.


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