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03 May
European union

EU workers: 7% worked long hours in 2022 (Eurostat figures)

In the EU, 7% of employed people worked long hours (working usually 49 hours or more per week) in their main job in 2022, according to the last figures released by Eurostat. A higher rate of self-employed people worked long hours (30% of total self-employed people) compared with employees (4% of total employees). Furthermore, long […]

25 Apr
gender pay european parliament

Gender pay gap: Council adopts new rules on pay transparency

The Council has adopted (24 April 2023) new rules to combat pay discrimination and help close the gender pay gap in the EU. The new directive also includes provisions on compensation for victims of pay discrimination and penalties, including fines, for employers who break the rules. Under the pay transparency directive, EU companies will be […]

20 Apr
European union

Banking Union: Commission proposes reform of bank crisis management and deposit insurance framework

The European Commission has adopted (18 April 2022) a proposal to adjust and further strengthen the EU’s existing bank crisis management and deposit insurance (CMDI) framework, with a focus on medium-sized and smaller banks. The EU’s banking sector, which includes a strong crisis management framework, has become much more resilient in recent years. Financial institutions […]

19 Apr
European union

SME access to capital: Council adopts negotiating mandate on multiple-vote share structures

The Council has today (19 April 2023) adopted its position (‘negotiating mandate’) on the proposed directive on multiple-vote share structures. The directive aims at encouraging owners of small- and medium-sized companies to list their shares for the first time on SME growth markets using multiple-vote share structures. This way they can retain sufficient control of […]

12 Apr
European union

Commission proposes more transparency and less red tape for companies to improve business environment in the EU

The European Commission adopted (29 March 2023) a proposal for a Directive making it easier for companies to expand the use of digital tools and processes in EU company law. The proposal aims to facilitate cross-border companies’ operations and to increase business transparency and trust by making more information about companies publicly available at EU […]

27 Mar
working time European Union March 2023

Interpretative Communication on Directive 2003/88/ET about working time (including holidays)

Interpretative Communication on Directive 2003/88/EC of the European Parliament and of the Council concerning certain aspects of the organisation of working time (2023/C 109/01) (Official Journal of the European Union 24 March 2023) This communication updates the 2017 Interpretative Communication on Directive 2003/88/EC of the European Parliament and of the Council concerning certain aspects of […]

21 Mar
European union

European Parliament ready to negotiate with Council for an EU-wide digital wallet

The new digital identity framework would provide EU citizens with digital access to key public services across EU borders. Parliament on Thursday 16 March 2023 confirmed -with 418 votes to 103, with 24 abstentions- the negotiating mandate for talks with the EU member states on the revision of the new eID directive. The scheme would […]

16 Feb
European union

An EU mobile worker’s mother can claim a social benefit without this calling into question her right of residence

Advocate General Ćapeta: an EU mobile worker’s mother can claim a social benefit without this calling into question her right of residence The principle of equal treatment does not allow such a relative to be considered an unreasonable burden on the social assistance system of the State of residence The case GV is a national […]

13 Feb
European union

NACE classification of economic activities Rev. 2.1 classification is now official

The NACE classification of economic activities in the European Community is used for a wide variety of European statistics in the economic, social, environmental, and agricultural domains. Since the last version of NACE Rev. 2 was published in 2006, the EU economy has evolved tremendously, leading to a need to update this classification. For the […]

06 Feb
Digital workers European Union

Digital workers: MEPs ready for talks on new law to improve working conditions

On Thursday (2 February 2023), European Parliament approved the decision to start negotiations on new measures to improve conditions for workers on digital labour platforms. 376 MEPs voted in favour of the mandate for talks with member states, 212 voted against and 15 abstained. Negotiations on the new law can start once member states decide […]


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