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21 Jun

Transparent and predictable working conditions: Council reaches general approach

Today, 21 June 2018, the Council agreed its negotiating position (general approach) on the directive on transparent and predictable working conditions. On the basis of this mandate, the Council Presidency will start negotiations with the European Parliament once the latter has adopted its position. New ways of working can bring many advantages to both workers […]

14 Jun

European Parliament approves new rules on access to regulated professions

European Parliament has just approved new rules on access to regulated professions. The new rules aim to ensure that citizens can choose an occupation, conduct a business or provide professional services in the EU without facing discriminatory and unjustified restrictions. The directive, approved by 519 votes to 112, with eight abstentions, will streamline and clarify […]

12 Jun

Schengen information system: agreement between the Council Presidency and the European Parliament

Today, 12 June 2018, the Bulgarian Presidency of the Council and the European Parliament reached an informal agreement on three regulations on the use of the Schengen Information System: – in the field of police and judicial cooperation in criminal matters – in the field of border checks – for the return of illegally staying […]

08 Jun

Cybersecurity Act: EU to create a common cybersecurity certification framework and beef up its agency

The EU is to enhance its cyber resilience by setting up an EU-wide certification framework for information and communication technology (ICT) products, services and processes. The industry could use the new mechanism to certify products such as connected cars and smart medical devices. The Council today agreed its general approach on the proposal, known as […]

31 May

Posting of workers: final vote on equal pay and working conditions

Workers posted temporarily to another EU country must get equal pay for equal work in the same place, under revised rules voted by Parliament on Tuesday, 29 May. The revised rules, approved by 456 votes to 147, with 49 abstentions, aim to ensure better protection for posted workers and fair competition for companies. Under the […]

30 May

Court of Justice: the mere fact that a worker did not apply for leave cannot automatically entail the loss of the right to an allowance

Advocate General Bot proposes that the Court of Justice should hold that the mere fact that a worker did not apply for leave cannot automatically entail the loss of the right to an allowance in lieu of untaken leave at the end of the employment relationship. However, where the employer shows that he took the […]

28 May

European Councial agrees position about mutual recognition of goods to reinforce the single market

The European Council today (May, 28) agreed on a general approach on a draft regulation aimed at improving the mutual recognition of goods marketed in another member state. The objective of the regulation is to improve the application of the principle of mutual recognition in the internal market, and thus to ensure that goods lawfully […]

25 May

(EU) Corporate tax avoidance: Transparency rules adopted for tax intermediaries

Today, 25 May 2018, the European Council adopted rules aimed at boosting transparency to prevent aggressive cross-border tax planning. The directive targets intermediaries such as tax advisors, accountants and lawyers that design and/or promote tax planning schemes. It will require them to report schemes that are potentially aggressive. The information received will be automatically exchanged […]

10 May

European Central Bank (ECB) supports global strategy to improve security in wholesale payments

The European Central Bank endorses the common strategy on reducing the risk of wholesale payments fraud, as published last 8 May by the Committee on Payments and Market Infrastructures (CPMI), the globalstandard-setter for payment, clearing, settlement and related arrangements. The strategy aims to improve the security of wholesale payments that involve messaging networks, banks, financial […]

10 May

European Comission: Country Report Spain 2018 (economic growth exceeds expectations)

The European Comission has issued the Country Report Spain 2018, in which deals the Spanish economic situations, financial market indicators, labour market, future estimations… According to the report, economic growth continued exceeding expectations in 2017. The volume of GDP finally surpassed its pre-crisis peak in the second quarter of 2017, and growth remained robust in […]


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