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How to register in Social Security Treasury General Office

Registration is an administrative act by which the Social Security Treasury General Office (Tesorería General de la Seguridad Social in Spanish) gives an identification and control number to the employer to be used for the employer’s corresponding Scheme in the Social Security System. This number is considered the primary and main Contribution Account Code. The application must be made using form TA.6. Click here to discharge it (Application to join the Social Security system).

All other numbers that can be assigned to an employer will be linked to the Main Contribution Account Code. It is important to point out that the employer must request a Contribution Account Code (form TA.7. Application for affiliation, termination and data changes for a contribution account) in each province where their activities take place, as well as for specific cases in which it is necessary to identify worker groups with special contribution rules.

How to finalise the request

To finalise your request you may go to the Social Security Treasury General Office closest to the address where you work. If you have a digital certificate you may process the corresponding request via “Companies”, depending on whether this involves an individual employer or a collective employer.

Employers that hire workers for the first time should request their own Registration as a company before commencing work activities, at the Social Security Treasury General Administration Office closest to their place of residence. If you have a digital certificate you can submit your request by accessing the “Employer registration” procedure via the the e-Office or directly process your request through the corresponding services available for “Companies”.

Remember that if you are thinking about forming a company in Spain, don´t hesitate to contact our team of experts for further informations.

By: Estela Martín

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