12 Nov
ICEX invest in Spain November 2019

ICEX releases the last Report about “Investment trends and records in Spain”

ICEX – Invest in Spain has just released the last Report about “Investment Trends and records in Spain” (November 2019 Edition).

The report includes information about the Spanish economy and conditions for investment in Spain. The report include data on foreign investment in Spain from sources such as investments registration, FDI Markets and UNCTAD.

Key figures

1. Spain is world’s 13th largest economy and the 5th largest economy in the EU: GDP worth 1.4 trillion USD.
2. 11th largest exporter of commercial services worldwide and 17th ranked exporter of merchandise trade in 2018.
3. 2nd country worldwide in international tourist arrivals and in receipts (1st in Europe). More than 82 million international tourists in 2018.
4. 13th largest economy in terms of accumulated inward FDI stock [659 Billion US$] and 13th in outward FDI stock in the world in 2018.
5. Total population of 47 million. 5 million are foreign born.
6. 25 of the biggest Spanish companies have entries in Forbes Global 2000 largest companies in the world.

Spain has generated 25.7% of all the employment created in the Euro Area since 2014.


By: Estela Martín

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