07 Jul

Invest in Spain: Annual Report published by ICEX

ICEX-Spain Trade and Investment has once again published its regular Annual Report.

It is a document in which ICEX shows its lines of action during 2020 and which has great strategic value for the entities, organizations, associations, and companies with which it works.

Chapter 5 is dedicated to Foreign Investment Attraction Services, for which the Executive Division of Invest in Spain is responsible.

In this chapter, the new investment projects captured during 2020 are broken down by sectors and geographical areas.

In addition, it is reflected how, during that year, Invest in Spain has had to adapt to the new challenges caused by covid-19.

To this end, the investment retention strategy has been intensified and the aftercare policy for foreign companies already established in Spain has been strengthened.

And, as a notable milestone, the new ICEX-Invest in Spain website has been launched: a more modern and functional tool that adds value to the services and programs offered by Invest in Spain and intensifies contact with investors.

Foreign companies

The R&D ICEX-Invest in Spain foreign investment programme has been managing ERDF funds since 2008 in order to attract investment from foreign companies with a high technology and R&D content to Spain.

According to the report, Over 250 projects have benefited since the start of the programme, involving more than 2,500 workers (direct and related jobs) and mobilising an investment of over 91 million euros.


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