21 Dec
ADP 2021 security

SincroGO wins three awards in the ADP Partner Executive Convention 2021

SincroGO continues to win awards and recognitions. This time, we have achieved three outstanding recognitions in the ADP “Partner Executive Convention 2021”. Specifically, the distinctions “Security”, “Resiliency” and “Collaboration”


This prestigious award recognizes partners who have met the highest performance indicator, without a single security incident over the last 24 months.

According to ADP “thank you for embracing ADP values and adopting our procedures in your day-to-day operations to assure the proper controls are in place to afford our clients peace of mind while protecting their sensitive data”.

premios 2021 ADP ResiliencyResiliency

ADP Celergo Streamline would like to thank all partners in our network for continuing to show strength and resiliency throughout 2021 in providing excellent services to our ADP Global Payroll clients, despite the challenges of the ongoing pandemic.

ADP acknowledge and appreciate all the positive actions partners have taken to avoid business disruptions and safeguard people and assets.

CollaborationPREMIOS ADP 2021 SincroGO

This is a special award of merit to ADP partners who, in the usual spirit of network collaboration, helped us create content for the 2021 Partner Executive Convention.

By: Estela Martín

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