21 Mar

The foreign investment in Spain in 2017 reached 36.122 million euros

The foreign investment in Spain in 2017 reached 36.122 million euros, the highest figure from 2008 and one 0,7 % superior to that of 2016, according to the information of the Foreign Investments Registry (RIE in Spanish) of the Secretary of State for Trade.

On a net basis, the foreign investment placed in 24.545 million euros, 12,3 % less than in 2016. The Gross Cash Flows from direct investment are usually very volatile due to only one fledged operation may significantly alter the comparisons to the rise or to the fall. Due to this fact, it is pertinent to compare them with the average of the last years. In this sense, the comparison with the average of the last five year reflects an increase of the gross investment of 25,6% and of 18,7%, in net terms.

The foreign investments for new contributions to companies by foreign investors (establishment and capital increases), that are those who have impact on the employment, suppose the 78,7% of the gross productive investment and they increased 52 %. The acquisition of already constituted companies supposes the 21,3% remaining and decreased by 62 %.

Main investing countries

The main investing countries are Luxembourg (20,9 %), Germany (13,6 %), United Kingdom (13,1%), The United States (10,7 %) and France (9,7 %). Among the five, they concentrate the 68% of the total amount. The USA ceased to be the first investor (fall of 50,1%) and has gone into fourth place. Switzerland increased his investments 347,8 % with respect to 2016, due to the effect of one single operation.

By: Estela Martín

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