15 Feb
invest in spain 2021

“Together, we are business”, new Invest in Spain video

ICEX-Invest in Spain has released a video to promote Spain’s competitive advantages as an investment destination, achieve a better country positioning and help in attracting new Foreign Direct Investment (FDI) projects.

The video is titled ‘Together, we are business’ and, throughout its footage, combines the competitive advantages of Spain – from a business point of view – with the needs of an investor when considering setting up his business outside its country.

The conclusion is that between Spain and the foreign company a great collaboration can arise, hence the video starts with the slogan ‘We are Spain’ and ends with ‘Together, we are business’.

Among the list of attributes of Spain as an investment destination, it has been emphasized that Spain is creative, committed to sustainability and technological advancement, resilient, global, welcoming, that offers confidence and is full of talent.

Foreing investors

These advantages bring the foreign investor a business environment in which they will find innovation, entrepreneurship, stability, competitiveness and success, among others.

The Spanish economy has an eye on the future, based on digitization, sustainability, innovation and a knowledge-based economy and thus has been reflected in this video.

Finally, there is an allusion to the ‘quality of life’ to convey that whoever comes to set up their business in Spain will not only grow business, but also personally for the experiences, climate, gastronomy, prices… that Spain offers.

By: Estela Martín

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