29 Jan
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Business Turnover Index (BTI) in Spain: The annual rate stands at 3.9%

The monthly variation of the Business Turnover Index (BTI) stands at 0.0%, after seasonal and calendar adjustment.

On his part, the annual rate stands at 3.9% in the seasonal and calendar adjusted series and in the original series, according to the last figures released by National Statistics Institute (INE in Spanish).

Monthly trend of Business Turnover

The monthly variation of the seasonally and calendar adjusted Business Turnover Index between the months of November and October of 2018 stood at 0.0%. This rate was two tenths lower than the previous month.

Of the four analyzed sectors, two showed positive monthly rates and the other two negative rates.

Market non-financial services showed the highest increase (0.9%), while Extractive and manufacturing industries (-1.9%) showed the highest decrease.

Annual trend of the Business Turnover

The Total Business Turnover Index, once adjusted for seasonal and calendar effects, showed a variation of 3.9% in November, as compared with the same month of the previous year. This rate was 2.3 points lower than the one registered in October.

The BTI original series registered an annual variation of 3.9%. This rate was 4.5 points lower than the one in October.

The seasonally and calendar adjusted indices showed positive annual rates in all the analysed sectors.

By: Estela Martín

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