16 May

Funds for R&D: Call for aid applications 2018 under “Investment Program for Foreign Companies in R&D Activities”

ICEX-Invest in Spain, has just reported about the aid applications 2018 under “Investment Program for foreing companies in R&D activities”. The scheme seeks to encourage development of new research and development activities by companies with foreign capital which are or plan to be established in Spain. For the purposes of this scheme a company with foreign capital is a company in which Foreign Direct Investment (FDI) accounts for at least 10% of its capital.

Foreign Direct Investment is considered to be investment made by a legal entity domiciled abroad or a private individual non-resident in Spain, as long as this investment is at least 10% of the share capital of the abovementioned applicant. Furthermore, the requirement of having foreign direct investment greater than 10% will be understood to have been met not only when this investment has been made directly in the capital of the applicant, but also when that percentage of foreign investment is reached indirectly, through participation in the capital of a third entity which in turn participates in the capital of the applicant company.

The amount of the aid may come to an overall maximum of 200,000 euros per beneficiary in any period of three consecutive fiscal years (De minimis aid regulation) and will be a percentage of the investment made (Community Framework for State Aid for R&D&I (2014/C 198/01).

The activities for which the aid is awarded must be carried out before December 31 2018 in one or more of the following Autonomous Communities: Extremadura, Canary Islands, Castilla la Mancha, Murcia and Galicia.

Application process:

The application must be made via the ICEX Virtual Office:

Step 1. Registration

The purpose of this registration is to create an account in order to process the application:

– Companies not already established in Spain, and which therefore do not have a CIF, must be registered with an INDIVIDUAL profile. (PARTICULAR in Spanish). In case that the INDIVIDUAL does not have NIE either DNI, please send an email to financiacion.investinspain@icex.es to complete the application process.

– Companies already established in Spain, and which therefore have a CIF, must be registered with a COMPANY profile. (EMPRESA in Spanish).

It is not necessary to request any of the services offered.

Step 2. Fill in the application form

Once the account is created, log in using your user name and password in order to process the application.

In order to process this application it is necessary to download the appendices found in the “Documents and Appendices” section and, after filling them out, attach them to your application through the platform.

Step 3. Signature

Once the appendices and application form are signed, you must sign in to submit the application

Click here to accesss further information. And remember that if you are thinking about set up a company in Spain, or if you have workers in Spain, don´t hesitate to contact our team of experts.

By: Estela Martín

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