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Invest in Spain: grants and incentives for the industrial sector

ICEX-Invest in Spain has published the last report about “grants and incentives for the industrial sector”. This guide is focused on gathering useful information for the Industrial Sector, aimed to improve the competitiveness, innovation, digital transformation and environmental performance of the industry.

This document gathers the support initiatives and incentives developed for the industry sector in Spain. The Part II of the document includes a list of grants related to the industrial sector, in which each identified call is classified according to diverse concepts, and subsequently, in the corresponding section each one is developed in greater detail. This detailed information of each call can be consulted through the Individual File link. The list of calls is classified as follows:

– Aids for the industry in general: This block includes aid for the industrial sector in general, regardless of the type of industry

– Aids classified according to the type of industry to which they are focused on. This block includes the following industries:

Heavy or Base Industries: They produce semi-finished goods to supply other industries.

– Raw materials and Energy.

– Extractive (linked to mining).

– Metalo-Siderúrgicas (they produce iron, steel and all types of metals-copper, aluminum, etc.).

– Petrochemicals (they use petroleum derivatives).

– Heavy or basic chemistry (elaborates chemical products indispensable for other industries).

Equipment industries: They produce equipment needed for other activities. They do not use as much energy or raw materials as heavy industries or base industries. This block includes the following industries:

– Machinery or machine tools.

– Construction.

– Shipyards (shipbuilding).

– Production of industrial vehicles.

– Aeronautics and aerospace industry.

– Arms industry.

Light industries or use and consumption industries: They produce consumer goods directly aimed to the consumers:

– Food industry (including the production of beverages).

– Tobacco industry.

– Appliances and other electrical appliances.

– Computers and telecommunications information technology.

– Pharmaceutical industry and light chemistry.

– Biotechnology.

– Textile, leather and footwear.

– Furniture.

– Graphic arts.

– Aids and calls classified according to the geographical location of the industries to which these calls are focused on, considering aids at the following levels:

– State.

– Autonomous Communities.

The Part III of the document gathers those calls for the Industrial sector whose application period is open. Click here for further information.

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By: Estela Martín

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