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13 Sep

Macroeconomic information of Spain and the most relevant sectors of the country (last report published by ICEX)

Spanish Institute of Foreign Commerce (ICEX) has just released today, 13 September, its last report about “Macroeconomic information of Spain and the most relevant sectors of the country”. These are some of the main conclusions of the report: – Spain is the world’s 14th-largest economy and the 5th-largest economy in the EU: GDP worth 1.4 […]

10 Sep

Invest in Spain: grants and incentives for the industrial sector

ICEX-Invest in Spain has published the last report about “grants and incentives for the industrial sector”. This guide is focused on gathering useful information for the Industrial Sector, aimed to improve the competitiveness, innovation, digital transformation and environmental performance of the industry. This document gathers the support initiatives and incentives developed for the industry sector […]

02 Aug

How to establish a company in Spain: guide by Invest in Spain (ICEX)

ICEX (Invest in Spain) has just released a Guide about “How to establish a company in Spain” (click here to access to the document). This document it presents as a fact sheet for the foreign investor about how to establish a company in Spain, the purchase of an existing company, the establishment of a representation […]

23 Jul

Incentives grants and state aid: industrial sector in Spain

Invest in Spain – ICEX has just released the document “Incentives grants and state aid. Industrial sector in Spain”. This document gathers the support initiatives and incentives developed for the industry sector in Spain. The Part II of the document includes a list of grants related to the industrial sector, in which each identified call […]

17 Jul

Positive factors for foreign investment in Spain (Report on 100 reasons to invest in Spain)

ICEX (Invest in Spain) has just released in his web page the “report on the attractiveness of Spain as a foreign investment destination”, prepared by the association of multinational companies supporting the Spain brand (Multinacionales por Marca España, in Spanish): “100 reasons to invest in Spain”. According to the responsible of this report, the report […]

18 Jun

Spain climbs to 11th in Elcano Global Presence Index

According to a press released issued by Marca España, Spain has gone up in the annual ranking prepared by Elcano Royal Institute, considering international relations and foreign presence for 110 countries worldwide. In terms of global presence, Spain stands 11th at the global level, according to the Elcano Global Presence Report 2018, published by Elcano […]

13 Jun

Spain, among the top ten EU countries in digital literacy and development

Spain has taken a big leap in digital literacy and development. According to a press releases published by Marca España, our country stands tenth in the 2018 ranking of the Digital Economy and Society Index (DESI), the barometer of digital performance published by the European Commission. In 2014, when the ranking was first published, we […]

12 Jun

Investment trends and records in Spain: June 2018 Edition (ICEX – Invest in Spain)

ICEX-Invest in Spain has just released the June 2018 Edition of the report with information about the Spanish economy and conditions for investment in Spain. The report include data on foreign investment in Spain from sources such as investments registration, FDI Markets and UNCTAD. This are some of the main figures included in the report: […]

11 Jun

Global Connect Forum 2018 (Stuttgart, Germany)

Global Connect Forum. Stuttgart. June 20 and 21 The Spanish Economic and Trade Office in Berlin will take part on behalf of ICEX-Invest in Spain in the Global Connect Forum to be held in Stuttgart on June 20 and 21, 2018. About this event, ICEX has explained that “our participation will consist of an information […]

07 Jun

2018 “Rising startup Spain” program: until August 4 to apply for it

ICEX-Invest in Spain has just announced the new announcement to participate in Rising Startup Spain. It is a program aimed at foreign Startups and entrepreneurs who contribute to fostering entrepreneurial activity in Spain through scalable and innovative projects. This programa it offers the following support services for Startups: • Free workspace in Madrid and Barcelona, […]


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