17 Jul

Positive factors for foreign investment in Spain (Report on 100 reasons to invest in Spain)

ICEX (Invest in Spain) has just released in his web page the “report on the attractiveness of Spain as a foreign investment destination”, prepared by the association of multinational companies supporting the Spain brand (Multinacionales por Marca España, in Spanish): “100 reasons to invest in Spain”.

According to the responsible of this report, the report has been performed by providing up-to-date, true and organised information which contributes to increasing investment by multinationals in Spain and supports the strengthening of the Spain brand as an investment destination.

100 positive factors

In this context, 100 positive factors have been presented that profiles the position of Spain within the international

investment context. Concisely, this position may be characterised as follows:

– Spain coordinates technology and talent effectively to produce quality goods and services aimed at an international market

– The growth of the economy, external openness, leading global infrastructure and high-potential talent place Spain as a key player in international investment.

– The growth of all of these factors and the potential for yet more growth generate opportunities that are ready to be leveraged.

– Multinational corporates are well-positioned to leverage these opportunities and contribute to Spain fulfilling its potential of its excellent investor climate.

According to Adolfo Aguilar, President of Multinacionales por marca España, “the study has allowed us to identify 100 reasons why Spain is an attractive country for foreign multinational

companies. Firstly, it combines technology and talent to produce high quality goods and services oriented to international demand.

Other aspects linked to the growth of the economy, external openness, leadership in infrastructures and potential access to third markets all favour companies that decide to invest here.

The high degree of economic and socio-political stability, and a geo-strategic position, without forgetting the Spanish language, are also important assets when it comes to attracting investment.

Likewise, quality of life-related factors such as the health system, culture, entertainment and leisure facilitate adaptation to our country and make Spain one of the main tourist destinations in the world”.

Click here to access the full report elaborated by Multinacionales por Marca España. And remember if you have workers in Spain or if you are thinking about forming a company in Spain, don´t hesitate to contact our team of experts.

By: Estela Martín

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