23 Oct
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Spain: your partner in Europe. Business opportunities (ICEX – Invest in Spain)

ICEX – Invest in Spain has just published today (23 October) the report “Spain: your partner in Europe. Business opportunities” (Macroeconomic information of Spain and the most relevant sectors of the country).

Key factors

These are some of the main factors included in this report:

-Spain is the 11th-largest exporter of commercial services worldwide and the 16thranked exporter of merchandise trade.

-Multinationals in Spain account for more than 40% of total exports from Spain to third Markets. Total exports from Spain amounted 277.2 Billion € in 2017

-Foreign Companies in Spain account for more than 49% of the total industrial turnover yearly and 33% of the industrial employment.

-International Export Services from Spain -excluding Tourism- to third markets reached morethan 61.9 Billion € in 2016. More than 115 Billion € including Tourism.

According to WTO, Spain ranks 11th Worldwide


Spain received 82 million international tourists in 2017. Spain is the 2rd country worldwide in number of international tourist arrivals and 2nd in revenues after USA (1st in Europe).

Spain is the 2nd country worldwide in revenues and the 1 st in Europe.

Spain ranks 2 nd in tourist arrivals worldwide and 2 nd in Europe.

Spanish companies

Spanish companies are among leading companies in the world:

– 3 out of every 5 flights worldwide are controlled using Spanish Air Navigation Management systems-ATM.

– Telefonica is one of the largest telecommunications companies in the world (in terms of market capitalization and number of customers).

– Santander is the 2nd bank in the Eurozone and one of the first in the world (stock market capitalization) and BBVA now operates in 40 countries.

– Mapfre is the largest multinational insurer in Latin America and among the top 10 European insurance companies by premium volume

– Iberdrola is the 4th-largest utility company in the world (in terms of market capitalization) and the 2 nd largest wind power operator in USA.

– The Spanish infrastructure sector is a world leader in foreign markets.


– Spain is the 9th-most open country to Foreign Investment according to OECD’s FDI Restrictiveness Index.

– US, UK, Italian, French, German Companies are the largest investors in Spain.

– Increasing investment in Europe from UK and France; Asia, from China and Latin America: especially from Mexico, Brazil, Colombia and Argentina.

Click here for further information about the report.

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By: Estela Martín

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