05 Oct

Spain: your partner in Europe. Business opportunities (Report October 2018. ICEX)

ICEX has just published the last report about “Spain: your partner in Europe. Business Opportunities”. The report contains the main macroeconomic information of Spain and the most relevant sectors of the country.

General information

▪ The Information on Spanish and foreign companies included in this Report has been obtained from public sources, among others, including their web sites, media news, Stock Exchange information and others. ICEX-Invest in Spain does not assume any responsibility on it.

▪ The inclusion of this companies in this Report is for information purposes only, and does not preclude the position of this Companies in relation to potential investors either its intention or strategy.

Main figures

Domestic market of over 46 million consumers: Spain has a GDP per capita (PPP) above the EU-28 average.

Spain grants free access to the world´s largest market, the European Union: more than 500 million consumers

Spain is the best European platform for doing business with Latin America

Spanish Companies are very active investors in USA, EU and the world´s 2nd-largest investors in Latin America

Many Spanish companies have a strategic position in key sectors in Latin America (ICT, energy, finance, infrastructures, etc.)

Some multinational companies have already been established in Spain to manage their operations in Latin America, directly or through joint ventures with Spanish companies.

Spain is also a suitable platform within the European market for doing business with North-African, Mediterranean, and Middle East countries.

Key Role of the Spanish Canary Islands Special Zone (ZEC) as a commercial and logistic hub with Africa.

Click here to access the full report by ICEX. And remember if you have workers in Spain or if you are thinking about forming a company in Spain, don´t hesitate to contact our team of experts.

By: Estela Martín

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